Troubling new PFAS numbers are revealed following updated testing on local waterways conducted by JCI/Tyco to assess the efficiency of their interim action systems. Samples drawn in late July showed combined PFOA and PFOS levels of 13.1 parts per trillion in Ditch A, which runs through the company’s Fire Technology Center in Marinette and water drawn near the mouth of the bay of Green Bay tested at 17.2 parts per trillion combined, both of which are below the recommended PFOA and PFOS surface water standards for the state of Wisconsin. However, the results from Ditch B, which flows directly into the bay, had combined PFAS levels of more than 1000 parts per trillion. John Perkins with JCI/Tyco says, simply put, the interim action system on Ditch B cannot keep up with the amount of water running through it.

The Ditch B treatment system was designed based on historical water flows of 450 gallons per minute with a surge capacity of 600 gallons per minute. Perkins says when the samples were collected last month, the flow was measured at around 1700 gallons per minute. In addition to the high water flow, Perkins says the filtration system has not always operated at optimal capacity due to increased sediment that hindered its technical performance.

Perkins maintains that drinking water of residents nearby Ditch B is not affected by these new results. Additional testing on bay to monitor PFAS levels as the water is emptied from Ditch B is expected.