06/20/2019- Junk pickup in Marinette will be scaled back, at least on a temporary basis. Public Works Superintendent Pat Carlson spoke to the City’s Board of Public Works Wednesday saying his crews are having a hard time keeping up with the current rotating collection schedule that calls for one week of chipper material pick-up, one week of junk pick-up, and two weeks of yard waste pick-up per month. Mayor Steve Genisot met with Carlson prior to Wednesday’s meeting to try to create a solution to the issue that would free up more time for Public Works personnel to focus on other areas like parks and cemeteries and says reducing their junk pick-up made the most sense since residents still have the option to take their material to the city dump.
The Board approved a recommendation by Carlson to reduce the junk pickup schedule to once quarterly through the end of the year and will revisit the topic then. The BPW also briefly discussed increasing dumpsite rates and large item pick-up fees, but will explore those options more in-depth at their July meeting.