10/10/2019- Work got underway yesterday on the newest ship in the LCS class at Fincantieri Marinette Marine. A Keel Laying Ceremony was held at the shipyard for LCS 27, the future USS Nantucket. During the event, the initials of the ship’s sponsor, Polly Spencer, were welded into the ship’s keel plate, which will be affixed to the vessel and travel with the Nantucket through its commissioned life. Spencer is the wife of Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer and says she’s not only honored to have the chance to know the crew who will serve on the LCS, but to meet the men and women right here in Marinette bringing the ship to life.
“I never had heard of Marinette before we came…This is a whole part of America that people don’t know. It’s pretty special.”
Secretary Spencer says the people on the island of Nantucket, with their deep connection to sailing and maritime traditions, know well the importance of preserving free sea lanes, and so it is a fitting name for a ship whose mission will be to preserve the safety and freedom of people around the world.
“The USS Nantucket will confront many complex challenges and, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not getting any easier out there. It will confront humanitarian relief all the way to great power competition drawing on the strength from every weld, every rivet applied by the great people here at Marinette Marine. 
The LCS 27 will be the third commissioned ship in naval service to bear the name Nantucket, and the first to do so in more than 150 years.