07/01/2019- It’s the time of year when wildfire are most common in our region and although we’ve had a cooler- and wetter-than-normal spring and summer, safety officials say the threat remains. Catherine Koele, Wildfire Prevention Specialist with the Wisconsin DNR says while the potential for forest fire is currently low in Northeast Wisconsin, conditions can change rapidly, and fire safety should remain at the forefront of people’s minds during summer recreation activities.
As we kick off the holiday week, a potential fire hazard will be the center of many celebrations. In Wisconsin, fireworks are regulated, so it’s best to check with local officials before purchasing and lighting them. Depending on the specific type of fireworks, a permit may be required. In very general terms, if it “goes up” or “blows up” it most likely requires a permit. Koele says no matter how big or small the fireworks are, it’s important to keep a water source nearby in case a fire breaks out and she reminds people it’s illegal to light fireworks on state and federal lands.
You can monitor the fire danger in your area, apply for your annual burn permit, and learn more fire safety tips online on the Wisconsin DNR’s website.