KS Large Bore Pistons held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday to mark the commencement of construction of a 35,000 square foot manufacturing addition in Marinette. KS Large Bore Pistons was sold in January. Therefore, the company is no longer under the same umbrella as KS Kolbenschmidt US Inc. KS Large Bore Pistons is now a part of the Swedish Koncentra Group. KS Large Bore Pistons Vice President Floyd Baum says, “this expansion is going to allow us to bring over a manufacturing line for one of our major customers, and more importantly, it saves 38 jobs in this community.”

Baum says, “we’re going from a $20 million a year company to over a $50 million a year company.”

With the expansion of the Marinette plant, it will stand around 100,000 square feet, and by the time they’re done, they will have taken a facility that currently employs roughly 60 employees to around 120. If you are interested in learning more about the positions at KS Large Bore Pistons, you may call 715-732-4117 or stop in at 2945 Angwall Drive, Marinette.