08/29/2019- The Menominee Planning Commission approved two special use permits for the L.E. Jones Company. L.E. Jones had requested Zoning changes to use the former Barley Building on 10th Street as a machine shop, and the former North Honda building on 10th Street for offices, research and development, and warehousing and inspection of their finished products. The Plan Commission had balked at making the zoning changes, but approved the special use permits which will allow the company to use the buildings for their planned purposes, without the permanence of a zoning change. The Barley property on 10th Street is presently zoned general commercial, while the former North Honda property is zoned Waterfront and Central Business District. At public hearings on the special use permits, neighbors expressed concerns about things like noise and odors. The plan commission did attach some conditions to the permits addressing concerns of the neighbors and city staff. One of those conditions is that the company will withdraw their requests for the zoning changes.