04/22/2019- Representative Beau LaFave has introduced legislation he says would ensure the U.P. is not ignored by presidential candidates. The Iron Mountain Republican says the current system encourages presidential campaigns to focus solely on population centers like Detroit and Grand Rapids. His new proposal would apportion electoral votes based on congressional district to ensure that rural areas of the state, especially the UP, have their voices heard during election time, as well. In the plan, each political party would choose candidates for presidential electors during its state convention, just like under current law. One presidential elector would be chosen from each congressional district, and two electors at large. The presidential elector would then be selected from the political party with the greatest number of votes for president in that congressional district and the at-large electors will be chosen from the political party with the candidate that received the greatest number of total votes in Michigan. A similar method is already being used in Nebraska and Maine. LaFave’s House Bill 4484 has been referred to the House Elections and Ethics Committee for consideration.