08/25/2020- LCS 21, the future USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul, has completed its acceptance trials in Lake Michigan, a significant milestone on its way to being commissioned into U.S. Naval service. Trials included a full-power run, maneuverability testing, and surface and air detect-to-engage demonstrations of the ship’s combat system. Joe DePietro with Lockheed Martin says these Freedom-variant LCS are inherently capable to serve freedom of navigation, drug interdiction and humanitarian missions, and with additional capabilities onboarded, they can now serve further focused missions. Now that trials are complete, the Marinette Marine-built warship will undergo final outfitting and fine-tuning before delivery to the U.S. Navy. LCS 21 is the eleventh Freedom-variant LCS designed and built by the Lockheed Martin-led industry team and is slated for delivery to the Navy early next year.