Flags billowed in the wind down streets of Marinette and into the entrance of Fincantieri Marinette Marine as a caravan of our Nation Veterans from World War II and the Vietnam War were escorted into the shipyard Saturday where the LCS 29—USS Beloit sat waiting for when the ships sponsor, Major General Marcia M. Anderson, would christen the ship with the traditional breaking of a sparkling wine bottle across the ship’s bow. Vice Admiral of the U.S. Navy John Fuller says, “USS-Beloit will help us win against the 21st century threats.”


Anderson says, “for the United States of America.”



The LCS 29 is named for Beloit, Wisconsin, and its citizens. It is the first ship to bear the name. Beloit and its citizens have been tremendous supporters of the Navy and Marine Corps for decades. It is in Beloit that the engines for the freedom—variant LCSs are built. Many components for Ford—class aircraft carriers are also manufactured in Beloit. These and many other contributions of Beloit citizens have made the U.S. Navy stronger, more capable, and lethal.