Just like the ringing of the bells at Christmastime, Majors Ron and Carol Lemirand have become synonymous with the good work the local Salvation Army does in our community. Now, after more than four decades with the organization, the pair plans to retire and move back to their hometown of Green Bay. Major Carol Lemirand says during their four years serving locally, she’s seen an increase in financial support for the organization and has helped facilitate discussions on some of the area’s most prominent issues.
Lemirand says it was important to and Major Ron to truly make themselves a part of the community no matter who or where they were serving.
Captains Joshua and Rhegan Stansbury will take over the Lemirand’s role beginning in June. A reception to celebrate Majors Ron and Carol Lemirand will be held on June 24th in Red Arrow Park. The Sunday Service starts at 10:30 AM and will be followed by a luncheon and public reception at 1:00 PM.