Litigants suing the City of Menominee over rewarding marijuana licenses added to their filing for a restraining order alleging that the City of Menominee violated the city charter ordinance at their Monday, August 8th Special Council meeting. Where they needed five yes votes and they only had four to amend the marijuana ordinance and to add a license. The plaintiffs also allege the city violates the Open Meetings Act frequently, and the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA). Joslin Monahan Attorney for Plaintiff O.I. Holdings and Higher Love Corporation says, “in their application, my clients proposed to construct their headquarters for CRA compliance in the City of Menominee. They didn’t get any points for that aspect of their application, though; they didn’t get any.”

City of Menominee Marijuana Litigation Attorney, Matthew Cross, says, “these companies go across the state, suing municipalities that don’t give them licenses. It is a part of their practice, and, to some extent, you can’t blame them. They’ve been met with some success in other communities.”

Tonight, the City of Menominee Council will meet for their regular monthly meeting at 6pm. Where on the agenda is the motion again to amend the marijuana ordinance to award over two retail licenses. Attorney Cross did say that two lawsuits were dismissed against the city regarding the Open Meetings Violations and Constitutional Claims.