Last week, Rep. Mike Gallagher met with local lawmakers and county sheriff’s to discusss how the crisis on our southern border is impacting communities in Northeast Wisconsin. The group, which included State Senator Eric Wimberger, State Assemblymen Elijah Behnke and Jeff Mursau, and seven Northeast Wisconsin county sheriffs, met at the Oconto County Sherriff’s Department to hold a press conference about how they are dealing with the recent cartel-related crime in the community. Mike Gallagher says, “as a federal legislature my charge is certainly clear, though not easy or simple, and that is to secure the southern border.”

Gallagher says, “we need to crack down on the cartels that are trafficking drugs and guns into our country.”

This press conference comes after the Oconto County Sherriff recently brought charges against a suspected Mexican cartel member for killing a man in Oconto County earlier this year.