02/11/2020- Black and white wedding photos, newborn footprints from 1943, a First Communion record- these are things you might expect to find in an album at your grandmother’s house, but probably not in a box at the local thrift store. But, employees at the St. Vincent de Paul of Marinette found just that while sorting through donations last week. Bonnie Matthews is the store manager there and says her gut feeling was that they were dropped off by mistake and the organization used some new technology to get these old memories back to their rightful owner. The store posted the find on Facebook, which was viewed and shared by hundreds of other users and in just a few days, the mementos were returned home.
Matthews reports the owner was thrilled to have the items back. She says although this was a particularly special case, the store does accidentally receive family keepsakes in their donation bin about once a month and always make their best effort to return them.