05/30/2019- More than fifty local students earned their degree from UW-Green Bay Marinette Campus this year and there’s hope new options being introduced in the coming semesters might push that number even higher. Cindy Bailey is the Campus Executive Director. She says the college is taking advantage of its recent merge with UW-Green Bay to begin looking at the potential to offer not just their current associate degrees, but bachelor’s degrees, as well.
The local campus has seen quite a few faculty changes in recent years, but that, too, has created some new opportunities. Dr. Jennifer Flatt, who worked at UW-Green Bay Marinette Campus for 19 years recently took on the role of dean at NWTC-Marinette. Bailey says that could mean more collaboration between the two schools.
Enrollment at the UW-Green Bay Marinette Campus has been holding steady at around 300 students. Bailey says their tuition remains the lowest in the entire UW-system.