04/02/2020- It may not be in the curriculum, but students in Wisconsin and Michigan are learning an important lesson in adaptability and tackling their coursework from home under COVID-19- related school shutdowns for the foreseeable future. Adjusting to that change has thrown many of these kids for a loop, but Marinette’s Middle School Principal is taking the opportunity to connect with students in a different way. Michael Whisler has gone online with his daily announcements, posting videos filmed from home to YouTube and Facebook to keep kids informed and encouraged and offer a little bit of normalcy in these otherwise very abnormal circumstances.
While Whisler’s videos don’t always go exactly to plan and sometimes feature unexpected cameos of cats and even a rabbit, he says it’s these imperfections that remind students that it’s okay if they’re struggling during these times, too.
During this closure, there is a learning plan available for students and parents on the Marinette School District’s web page. Whisler says while it’s not realistic to expect students to spend seven hours of each day doing schoolwork from home, he does encourage them to learn something, create something, and move their bodies daily.