11/15/2018- A new initiative at Menominee Area Public Schools seeks to support achievement in all areas of a student’s life. The district has been working to implement a new Blueprint program which collects and analyzes student data and works to establish systems that ensure every child is recognized and supported. It’s not one-size-fit-all- rather, the program looks beyond the district’s instructional infrastructure to foster the students’ social and emotional development, as well. MAPS Board of Education President Ken Pulver is one of three board members who has attended training for Blueprint implementation. He says the effort places some of the responsibility for student achievement directly onto the shoulders of the board.
The Blueprint involves implementing four driver systems that focus on developing curriculum assessment, a student support network, a vision of the competencies of school staff, and a leadership network between administration and staff. The entire process is estimated to take a minimum of two years to complete. Around 100 other school districts across Michigan are also working to implement new Blueprints of their own.