At yesterday’s City of Menominee’s Judicial and Legislative/Personnel and Labor Committee meeting the main topic of discussion was amending the marihuana establishments ordinance. Currently, the city has an ordinance for dispensaries that was put in place in January of this year. However, due to recent Circuit Court rulings the city thought it best to possibly amend their current ordinance. City Manager Tony Graff presented three options to the committee. One would be to leave it in its current form. Another is to repeal the ordinance and the third is to amend the ordinance and eliminate the limitation on the number of dispensaries. Along with amending the ordinance, the city also needs formalize their selection committee to the council as they overlooked approving the committee back in January. Committee Member Frank Pohlman says, “without changing the ordinance I think we take steps to correct it. “

Pohlman says, “My preference would have been a different scoring rubric that would have rewarded investment and employment a little bit greater than this rubric does.”

After much debate, the committee agreed three to one to recommend to council the selection committee for the marijuana licensing at the next regular meeting, and to score all applications using the existing ordinance and rubric pursuant to the open meetings act. As of right now, the city currently has 28 applicants for marijuana establishments.