The resolution expressing the City of Menominee’s City Council’s desire to enact an ordinance amending the Marijuana Establishments Ordinance to authorize three marijuana retailer licenses appeared on the agenda for the second time at last evenings city council meeting. City Manager Brett Botbyl says, “what we have before us is the recommendation of our legal counsel to proceed. If we don’t do this, there is a chance that we could lose our legal defense fund. So that is part of the resolution.”

After a very lengthy, heated discussion, the council voted on the resolution and it failed four-to-four. Mayor Jean Stegeman says, “tonight’s vote is not how I thought it would turn out.”

So, where does the council go moving forward? According to Stegeman, the council will need to listen to additional advice from their attorney’s Plunkett and Cooney. Until that time, it is unknown when the resolution will be brought back to the council for another vote.