The review and recommendation regarding the scoring of 26 applicants for marijuana licenses from the August 24th and August 26th City of Menominee selection committee have come to light at last night’s meeting of the Judicial and Legislative/Personnel and Labor Committee. The committee went through the recommendations of the selection committee hearing those selected businesses be issued a license with respect to the following categories: Grow Permit –  Adult, Grow Permit-Medical, Processing Center, Retail Sales- Adult, and Retail Sales-Medical. However, there was some disagreements when it came to how the committee should proceed with information presented. Mayor Jean Stegman says, “the committee was split on how we wanted to proceed.”

“I feel like we have placed our faith in three extremely intelligent people, and it is not something that we get to pick and choose. It is very clear, our ordinance states we either accept in full what they’ve done, or we reject it, “ says Stegman.

The marijuana selection committee’s recommendations to the judicial and legislative/personnel and labor committee have been forwarded to the full council. Their next meeting will take place on Monday, September 20th.