City of Marinette Alderperson Doug Oitzinger is suing the City of Marinette and the Marinette Common Council, accusing the City and Alderpersons of violating the Open Meetings Act. Oitzinger alleges that the Common Council illegally went into closed session on October 6th and 7th of 2020. They tangentially related the two meetings to the same broad topic – remedying PFAS groundwater pollution – but involve legally and factually distinct issues. In court documents, the City of Marinette states that this case concerns closed sessions convened in Marinette Common Council meetings held October 6th and 7th, 2020, both of which related to ongoing efforts to remediate PFAS contamination caused by JCI/Tyco. At each meeting, the Council invoked the exemption. Mayor Steve Genisot says, “the city feels we acted appropriately.”

Genisot says, “I think there are very few people that are aware that the City Council and the City are being sued by one of its alderpersons.”

Earlier this summer, the city proposed a settlement with Alderperson Oitzinger; However, it was rejected. There is talk of another settlement, but the Common Council must review it first. Mayor Genisot says certainly we feel that we’d like to see a resolution to this.