12/17/2018- Twin cities, but one community- that’s the goal city officials in Marinette and Menominee continue to work towards. While festivals and other events have brought the cities together for a number of years, it wasn’t until more recently that the two governments began teaming up to consider ways to better serve those who live here. Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot says visitors don’t see the divide, and residents shouldn’t, either.
The two City Councils held a joint meeting in October to discuss sharing services to increase efficiency and lower costs. Menominee City Manager Tony Graff says it’s an idea already put in practice by local fire and law enforcement.
Another avenue of collaboration is the opportunity for Marinette and Menominee to share public art initiatives. That’s been done through the annual metal fish displays, as well as painted flower pots. That trend will continue next summer if a proposal to place decorated benches throughout each of the cities takes off as planned.