11/05/2019- This past summer, the Wisconsin DNR asked 125 wastewater treatment plants across the state to test for PFAS contamination. Of those, just two communities- Marinette and Peshtigo- have followed through. The DNR made the request of the state’s 27 largest municipal treatment plants, as well as those with significant industrial users of PFAS compounds. The agency says they want to work with local governments to identify and eliminate PFAS contamination at the source to protect both human health and the environment, but, representatives of the Wisconsin Rural Water Association, Municipal Environment Group, and League of Wisconsin Municipalities say they’re advising members not to take part in the sampling efforts because, in the absence of certified labs and surface water standards for PFAS, test results would not provide meaningful information. Certification of some of those labs is expected by the end of the year and other communities have indicated they will take part once that is complete. Wastewater results from Peshtigo showed levels of 8.8 parts per trillion while Marinette saw results of 13 to 50 parts per trillion for PFOS or PFOA.