07/18/2019- There’s now a plan in place to dispose of the two years’ worth of wastewater biosolids that Marinette has stored up since the DNR-mandated hold due to elevated PFAS contamination levels. They City’s Wastewater Utility Commission approved a reimbursement agreement with Tyco Fire Products Wednesday for on-site dewatering and transportation of the remaining material to a hazardous waste site in Oregon. Water and Wastewater Operations Manager Warren Howard calls it an “involved process,” but says under the terms of the contract, Marinette will be indemnified of any liability for the contaminated biosolids.
The agreement only addresses the existing biosolids and Howard says their disposal strategy moving forward is dependent upon the release of more regulations on biosolid contamination limits and sampling results of the incoming wastewater.
The cost for the biosolids disposal comes in at about $2.2-million. The only expense Marinette will be responsible for is the dewatering process, which Howard says equates to what the City would have spent under their normal disposal process. The work is expected to get underway by early August and will likely take between 30 and 60 days to complete.