07/18/2019- It’s happening at school districts across the country and right here at home: declining enrollment and a related drop in revenue with which to keep the schools open. That has the Marinette School District considering a plan to consolidate their schools into three buildings, cutting the number of facilities they operate in half. Superintendent Dr. Wendy Dzurick says the recommendation comes from a community advisory group consisting of parents, teachers and school staff, Board of Education members, and representatives of government and higher education. That group reviewed facilities reports provided Sommerville Architects and suggested closing the Garfield, Merryman, and Sunrise locations. Under the plan the district would then have one building for early childhood through grade 3 or 4, one intermediate school, and one high school for grades 8 through 12. Dr. Dzurick says no final decision has been made yet and the next steps are to offer listening sessions September 25th and 26th, as well as send out a community-wide survey in October. If adopted, the consolidation plan likely wouldn’t take effect until 2021.