Since April of this year the City of Marinette has been working with the development firm Midwest Expansion, LLP on the vacant land known as the Fleet Farm property on County T. As a development contract is drawing near for this projected multi-million-dollar commercial and residential area, the council at last evenings regular council meeting needed to decide whether to allow an escrow agreement between the City of Marinette and Midwest Expansion, LLP. The city requires that developers put money in escrow so the city can have fees paid for the consultants. This essentially would effectuate them putting a deposit to pay those fees for future work. However, some council members did not feel that this was the correct path the city should be on. Council Member Doug Oitzinger says, “I feel we’re hollowing out some of the interior city by not investing in existing residential areas in favor of investments along the highway corridor.”

Council Member Rick Polzin says, “the number one need in the City of Marinette is housing and that development that is planned out there is a substantial development for housing.”

After a very lengthy discussion, the council ultimately passed the escrow agreement between the City of Marinette and developer Midwest Expansion, LLP.