05/29/2019- The legalization of recreational marijuana in Wisconsin hasn’t happened yet and it won’t if the Marinette County Board has anything to say about it. The Board of Supervisors passed a resolution with broad support Tuesday opposing the legalization of recreational pot. The document cites the risks use of the drug pose on children and adults and shows concern for the potential for increased accidents and reduced productivity in the workplace. Supervisor Don Pazynski called for the inclusion of a paragraph describing marijuana as a gateway drug, but that amendment was not approved. Supervisor Gilbert Engel doesn’t disagree that that danger exists, but he says pot isn’t the only substance capable of this.
The draft resolution was approved 20 to 8. The topic was originally brought to the Committee level by Sheriff Jerry Sauve who says he’s concerned Wisconsin will consider decriminalizing the drug soon. This resolution, he hopes, would be a starting point to eventually enact an ordinance similar to the one the City of Marinette did prohibiting the possession of pot in the event it is legalized statewide.