07/29/2020- Several communities across Wisconsin are implementing their own face covering mandates to help curb the spread of the coronavirus following a notable spike in cases in the Badger State, and something similar may be proposed for Marinette County, though County officials remain skeptical at best about any potential impact. County Administrator John Lefebvre spoke to the County Board Tuesday about these types of masking requirements, noting he doesn’t believe a local ordinance would be the best use of county resources, particularly in law enforcement.

Lefebvre suggested businesses and organizations throughout Marinette County should instead consider implementing their own mask requirements for those coming through their facilities, but adds that the recent surge in cases can’t be pinned solely on more people venturing out to restaurants and retailers.

Still, some County Supervisors felt the County should at least publish an official recommendation on the use of face coverings in public. The topic and any potential action is expected to be brought up at the committee level in August.