As of February 25th, the Marinette Senior Center will no longer be distributing meals out of their facility. This decision was not made by the City of Marinette but Marinette County Elderly Services. Alderperson Doug Oitzinger says, “the way Marinette County handled this and now it’s being publicly stated that part of the reason they are doing this is that we’ve raised rent.”

Oitzinger says, “this came as a surprise, but it sounds like it’s a done deal; it can’t be reversed. I just don’t think the city should get a black eye for something they really had nothing to do with.”

Marinette County Elderly Services will use the Marinette Senior Center until February 23rd with a move out date of February 28th. As of right now, because of COVID, all meals are being home delivered to the 93 elderly residents in the City of Marinette.