08/25/2020- It’s one of the last big events of the summer and this year, one of the only this summer. The Marinette County Fair kicks off on Thursday, one of just a handful of fairs and festivals that were not canceled due to COVID-19. Lisa Witak, Secretary of the Marinette County Fair Board says the decision to move forward with the event was not one that was made lightly and additional precautions- like the installation of numerous hand sanitizing stations, extra carnival ride cleanings, and changes to the way some exhibits are judged- have been put in place to make the fair as safe as possible for both guests and presenters.
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The event is drawing mixed reactions from surrounding community members; some appreciate the chance for entertainment and a bit of normalcy, while others are apprehensive it will drive local coronavirus case counts even higher. The fair typically brings in thousands of guests, but Witak says she’s not sure how attendance will shake out this year.
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There are no crowd size restrictions in place at the fair, but guests will be required to wear face coverings inside any buildings. The Marinette County Fair runs Thursday through Sunday in Wausaukee.