Many law enforcement agencies across the nation are dealing with the effects of staffing shortages. The Marinette County Sheriff’s office is no different. Lack of correction officers has been a chronic issue since 2010; however, it’s become noticeably worse since the pandemic. Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve says, “it’s a noble profession. You are caring for people in our custody and care.”

Sauve says, “if you’ve got a job in the public sector you can count on job security, and we have it.”


The Marinette County Sheriff’s Office is currently down five correctional officers. That is 19 percent of the jail staff; with another person leaving in March. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a correctional officer for the Marinette County Sheriff’s Department, simply bring your resume and cover letter stating which department you’re applying for to the Human Resources department at the County Courthouse on Hall Ave in Marinette.