08/22/2018- Some residents say there’s a problem with one Marinette intersection. Monday, the city’s Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic, and Lights Committee discussed a letter sent to them by a resident who was concerned with the intersection of West Bay Shore and Ogden Streets. The writer stated cars coming from West Bay Shore disregard the fact that Ogden Street traffic doesn’t stop, creating a potentially dangerous situation for motorists attempting to turn left onto East Bay Shore. Although there is a notice attached to the stop sign on West Bay Shore indicating Ogden Street traffic does not stop, the resident felt this does little to resolve what they say is a chronic issue. However, when asked about the intersection, Marinette Police Chief John Mabry says there has only been one accident recorded at that location in the past three years and he doesn’t see it as any more hazardous of an intersection than any other in town. The committee took no action on the issue, but agreed to monitor crash data and revisit the topic in the future if necessary.