A century-old Marinette landmark goes up in smoke. Firefighters battled a blaze that began Thursday morning at the former Marinette Knitting Mills building on Pierce Avenue. The structure was fully engulfed in flames, but crews were able to keep the fire contained. With temperatures in the low twenties, fire trucks and equipment quickly became covered in ice. The sixteen-hundred block of Parnell Street was evacuated for a period of time due to the dense smoke from the fire. There is no word yet on what may have caused the fire and Marinette Fire Department officials say no injuries have been reported.
A fiber optic cable was burned in the fire and as a result, internet service was knocked out for many users in the area, including the Marinette County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Jerry Sauve says while some administrative functions have been disrupted, all phone lines are still up and the outage will not affect their ability to provide emergency services.