As Marinette Marine looks toward the future of their company, they’ll be seeking some external financial support. Jan Allman, President and CEO of Fincantieri Marinette Marine says there will be stiff competition to win the contract for the Navy’s 2020 transition from the current littoral combat ship to the frigate design, but she believes the local shipbuilder has a slight advantage.
Allman says they also plan to pursue a contract to build four multi-mission surface combatants for the Saudi Arabian government. It’s uncertain when the request for proposals for that work will be issued, but when it happens, Marinette Marine will need to be prepared to submit their bid within 45 to 90 days. Going after this high-profile work will cost the company 100-million dollars in capital expenditures to modify and expand the shipyard’s capabilities and, Allman says, that’s where they’re hoping the local community will step in.
Should Marinette Marine be awarded these contracts, Allman expects the creation of an additional 400 jobs at the shipyard.