Fincantieri Marinette Marine CEO Jan Allman briefed the Marinette City Council Tuesday night on the company’s Blast and Dredging project that will run over the next 5 months as the company builds a ship lift to launch the larger ships the shipyard is building.  Blasting is needed to break up large sections of bedrock.  To minimize the effects on recreational and other uses of the river, the blasting will only be conducted between 4 and 5 pm weekdays.  There will be no blasting on holidays or during fishing tournaments.  Allman says it will only take about 20 minutes to clear the area and do the blasting.  Boats will be restricted to outside a 1000 foot radius and swimmers and jet skiers will not be allowed in the river between the Interstate and Ogden Street Bridges during blasting.  Although the blasting will be restricted to the small window of time, the excavating will be a 24/7 process. Noise levels are expected to be similar to those now produced by work at the shipyard.

A bubble curtain is being installed to project fish and contain the sediment in the blast area. A warning signal, blast signal, and all-clear signal will be sounded during the blasting period.

A test blast is scheduled for next week between May 10th and 12th .  The dredging, blasting, and rock removal is scheduled from May 21st to October 21st.

Informational signs are being posted at boat launch ramps and marinas, and there is also information on the Fincantieri Marinette Marine website.