The Marinette School District is planning to transition grades 6-12 students back to an in-person learning model beginning March First.

Throughout the 2020-21 school year, administration has been closely monitoring


Superintendent Corrie Lambie says the District has been closely monitoring their internal data to see if there would be a spike in student or staff COVID-19 cases following the holiday break, but none was seen. Based upon current data

and recent guidance from the CDC and Department of Health Services, as well as

consultation with medical experts, the Marinette Schools feel confident in their ability to maintain a safe learning space for our students.


The district plans to transition grades 6-12 students to four days per week of in-person learning beginning Monday, March First. Wednesdays will continue to be a student support day through the 3rd term/quarter, allowing staff to connect and work with individual, small groups, and any potentially quarantined students. The four day in-person learning structure will be assessed for the 4th term/quarter.


Additionally, students who are currently enrolled in the full-time At-Home Learning model will be allowed to remain in the learning model for the remainder of this school year, if they choose. Grades 4K-5th have been in-person five days a week since the beginning of the school year, and will continue with the same structure for the remainder of the year.