02/05/2020- Ask officials in any one of the surrounding communities and they’ll tell you a shortage of affordable housing is one of the predominant challenges standing in the way of economic growth. Now, the City of Marinette is taking tangible steps to do something about it. Common Council reviewed a proposal from Cedar Corporation Tuesday for Housing Development Services. Seth Hudson is a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional and says the consulting firm is offering to help the City take a proactive approach toward foster housing development by preparing itself to attract developers to the area.
The plan involves identifying at least the top two sites in the community for housing development, creating site-specific development information, and then marketing that information to developers across a variety of networks. Hudson says Cedar Corp will also work with those potential developers to assist them in identifying and obtaining financial incentives to help mitigate the costs of new housing projects.
The total fees for the project to ready the City for housing development would not exceed $24000. Common Council unanimously approved the contract. The work is expected to get underway by the end of the month.