As Wisconsin works to develop and implement groundwater standard recommendations for even more PFAS analytes, JCI/ Tyco and the Wisconsin DNR will be reanalyzing sampling results for hundreds of private wells throughout the Marinette and Town of Peshtigo area. The Cycle 11 Recommended Groundwater Standards, as submitted to the DNR by the Department of Health Services includes suggested protective levels for 22 individual PFAS substances and combined levels for 4 PFAS. The DHS has already recommended a 20 ppt limit for PFOA and PFOS in groundwater and those two compounds have been the focus of the local contamination issue. However, at a public listening session on the Marinette and Town of Peshtigo contamination Wednesday, the DNR’s Bridget Kelly noted these new recommendations could expand the scope of properties and private wells requiring remediation.

The review will also include looking at wells that were previously sampled that did include the new analytes listed in the Cycle 11 recommendations, but were not at or above available standards at that point. JCI/ Tyco has been sampling private drinking wells since about 2017 when it was reported that PFAS contamination from their firefighting foam had traveled off their Fire Technology Center property. In addition to that testing, the DNR has also taken up sampling efforts for potable wells in an expanded site investigation area where the company has declined to test.