Stop by the Spies Public Library as it is decked out in “Star Wars” posters, artwork, dioramas, info, and fun trivia for this all-day event this Saturday, November 5th. Director of Spies Public Library Blair Nelson says, “my love of Star Wars and to really try to connect to other demographics, and maybe non-users of the library.”

Nelson says, “John Jackson Miller, he’s our special guest. He’s a professional writer. He’s written a lot of Star Wars novels and comics.”

Join the Spies Public Library as they kick-off the Star Wars event this Friday, November 4th at 6pm for a FREE surprise Star Wars movie and join them again for a full day of Star Wars activities beginning at 10am on Saturday, November 5th. There is no charge for the event and if you have questions, please call 906-863-3911 or stop into Spies Public Library in Menominee.