02/21/2020- 2019 was a busy, and at times, contentious year, for the City of Menominee, but it wasn’t without its successes. In her State of the City address to City Council this week, Menominee Mayor Jean Stegeman said the City has plenty more issues to tackle in the year ahead, but with a Council-approved list of goals, objectives, and timelines, she’s confident they’re at least headed in the right direction. One challenge they’ll be forced to confront sooner rather than later is a projected $600000 budget deficit, which will eat up nearly 25% of the City’s savings. Mayor Stegeman says one part of solving this problem is getting back to budgeting basics.
A high point for Menominee’s financials was the $3.8-million Klar family bequest the City received for its library and recreation department last year. Mayor Stegeman says they’re still in the process of determining just how those dollars will be spent, but the family’s generosity will benefit the City for years to come.
Mayor Stegeman says priorities for the City in the next six to eight months alone include completing road projects, redeveloping the City’s website, addressing the future of economic development, and creating comprehensive plans for both alley and road maintenance.