09/20/2018- It was a much calmer meeting than many expected when Menominee Regional Airport users and members of the County’s Committee of the Whole gathered Wednesday to get answers to on several ongoing issues surrounding the airport. Bryan Budds with the Michigan DOT Office of Aeronautics joined in via web conference and responded to dozens of questions from both county commissioners and airport users. Perhaps the most prominent dispute between the parties is the shortened terms offered to tenants in their new lease agreements. Budds says the maximum lease term deemed acceptable by MDOT and the FAA is 30 years.
When it comes to security concerns, Budds says much of that decision-making is left up to the airport sponsor, though he did admit that the county’s decision to place barriers across a taxi lane to limit vehicular traffic was a bit outside the norm.
The county began issuing new lease agreements when they took over as official airport sponsor following the dissolution of the Twin County Airport Commission. County Administrator Jason Carviou says they’re also working to update the airport handbook and layout plan to get into compliance with MDOT and FAA standards.