08/17/2018- Less than four months on the job remain for Marinette County’s Coroner. Earlier this year, the county voted to abolish the coroner’s position and replace it with a medical examiner. That new role goes into effect January 2nd and County Administrator John Lefebvre is hoping to make it a full-time one. The Administrative Committee considered a proposal to make the Medical Examiner a full-time position Thursday. Lefebvre says the additional hours will allow the employee to fill other critical needs within the county.
In addition to reducing the workload of other county employees, Lefebvre says a full-time position with benefits will likely garner more qualified applicants.
The current Coroner will remain in his role until January 6th, creating some overlap in the two jobs to allow for training and briefing. The County will also retain the existing deputy coroners to assist the new Medical Examiner. The Administrative Committee approved the Medical Examiner job description and the full-time status. The item now moves on to County Board for final consideration.