The Menominee City Council made its first movements Monday evening in the direction of a major overhaul of the city’s methods for picking up garbage and recyclables. On the garbage side, Menominee residents would return to using trash cans, but they would be a 95 -gallon plastic bins on wheels that would be emptied weekly using a new one-person garbage truck with an automated side-loading arm. On the recycling side, residents would use a 95-gallon plastic bin on wheels that would be emptied every other week. City Manager Brett Botbyl says, “this is just a transition plan. Giving the opportunity to discuss with GFL because technically we are still under contract with them for another two to three years.”

The goal is to have the City of Menominee transition to the 95-gallon carts sometime in the Spring of 2023. However, they are still in the modification stage of the contract with the current garbage removal company GFL. While there was a lengthy discussion amongst council members, they decided to vote to send it back to the committee level for further discussion before bringing it back to council. After a tie vote, City Manager Botbyl will now move forward with developing a plan with GFL that will work for the residents and businesses of the City of Menominee.