03/20/2018–The Menominee City Council voted down by a 5-3 margin a recommendation from the Finance Committee that the city refuse to accept donations from Aquila Resources.  Finance Committee Chairman Frank Pohlman said he made the motion because of his concerns about the ethics of the city accepting money from the company at a time the city is considering resolutions for or against the company’s proposed Back 40 Mine and when the city could be negotiating an agreement with the company.

But Council Member Doug Robinson said the purpose of such donations is to help the community.  Only Pohlman, Mayor Jean Stegemen, and Finance Committee member Steve Fifarek, the three who supported the motion in the Finance committee meeting voted for it at the council meeting.

The council approved a $1500 raise for City Manager Tony Graff, retroactive to his one-year anniversary date of last November 28th.  The only no vote was from Council Member Doug Robinson who argued for a bigger raise of two and a half percent, or $2700 dollars.

In other action, the council sent the updated Henes Park Master Plan back to the city planning commission. The commission had recommended the new Henes Park plan be incorporated into the city’s recreation plan, but Council Member Frank  Pohlman said he found some conflicts between the new Henes Park plan and the existing recreation plan that should resolved.

The council also approved the renewal of the Cable TV franchise agreement with Charter Communications for another 10 years.  Under the agreement, the city receives 5 percent of the gross sales of Cable TV services in the city.  The 5 percent figure is the maximum allowed under state law.