08/16/2018- Menominee’s City Manager appears to have gotten high marks from the City Council. Council members met Tuesday to consider City Manager Tony Graff’s evaluation and discuss a potential salary increase. And, while the board agreed Graff’s performance since taking on the role in 2016 has been consistently above-average, there was some back-and-forth discussion as to whether his raise should be 2% or 2.5%. Mayor Jean Stegeman says Graff’s starting salary was higher than any other manager in the city’s history and a 2.5% increase could be seen as an overly-generous use of taxpayer dollars.
Another concern was the message a 2.5%  increase might send to city employees who received at-most a 2% raise this year. But, Council member Doug Robinson says Graff’s job requires a great deal of skill and education and the compensation should match.
Ultimately, Council approved a 2% pay raise for Graff. That amounts to an increase of about $2100 annually.