09/17/2019- A study of the Hattie Street Pedestrian Bridge will likely get underway next month under an agreement between Marinette and Menominee to jointly fund the project. Although crews performed bridge deck work in 2017, new deterioration on 5 of the 21 double-t beams that support the platform has now been discovered. Menominee City Manager Tony Graff spoke to the City Council Monday saying the proposed study by Ayres Associates would allow for a more thorough investigation of the extent of the deterioration and reveal any immediate concerns regarding the platform’s structural integrity.
“Once we get the inspection report, we’re going to be able to verify if there’s any concern with the fishing platform. If there is, then we’re going to have to address that with possibly some construction in the very near future. We want to keep that pedestrian bridge and fishing platform open and safe and this is the best way to do it.”
Menominee’s City Council, like Marinette’s, approved the study and the cities will split the cost in half at $5250 each. Graff says the work is dependent upon the availability of the inspection equipment from MDOT, but the project is currently slated to begin at the end of October.