02/13/2020- In less than four weeks voters in Menominee County will make some major funding decisions for a pair of community resources. Two millage requests will appear on the Spring Primary ballot: one to raise revenue for the County’s E-911 system and other for the Menominee County library. The 911 system costs about $1-million to operate annually, a third of which comes from the county’s general fund. County Administrator Jason Carviou says if voters approve the 0.625 for five years, they’ll bring in about $500000 each year for this 24/7 department.
The proposed library millage is less than that for E-911- at 0.375, but would still generate around $300000 per year over its five-year life. Carviou says if that proposal fails, the library system- which already took a serious blow to its budget this year- could be facing even deeper cuts.
If both millages are approved, a taxpayer with property valued at 200-thousand-dollars would pay about $100 dollars a year. Voters will decide on the millage requests March 10th.