The Menominee County Board of Commissioners gives the go-ahead to place a millage request from Pinecrest Medical Care Facility on the August ballot. Pinecrest is asking Menominee County voters to approve 0.65 mills for five years beginning in January of 2019 and is also seeking the same millage from Delta and Dickson Counties, for a total of $1.5-million to improve their facilities and cover bad debt. Previously, the board had asked Pinecrest to come up with a more detailed business plan for the money. Commissioner Charlie Meintz says they’ve been presented with a lot of “half-truths” and he feels it may be time for the county to cut ties with the facility.
Commissioner John Nelson agrees that Pinecrest’s financials need work, but feel the decision of whether or not to provide the additional funding should ultimately be left up to the voters.
Voters in all three counties would have to approve the 0.65 mills for it to take effect. The Delta County Board agreed to place the question on their ballot in August. Dickinson County tabled the issue until their May meeting.