The Menominee County Board is interested in looking at acquiring a 15 acre piece of piece of property bordering County Road G-12 in the City of Stephenson as a new site for the Menominee County Fair.  The Fair Board had been looking at the property in the past, but now there’s more urgency as there is another offer for the land, but Fair Manager Eric Tickler says the owners are willing to give the county the first crack at the property, for which the asking price is $45,000.   Tickler says at this point, they have no other source of funding for the purchase of the land. The cost of developing the land for a fairgrounds could be around $2.5 million dollars, but Tickler says there are plenty of grants to help cover those costs.

County Administrator Jason Carviou will gather some information from the property owner which the board can use when discussing negotiations.