03/23/2018–Menominee County Commissioners met with Stephanie Ward of Mead and Hunt Thursday to review the proposed scope of work for updating the Menominee Regional Airport’s Airport Layout Plan. The existing ALP was completed in 2003, and is out of date.  Ward estimates the work will take about 18 months and cost about $250,000. The county will only be responsible for 5 percent of the cost, with the Federal Government picking up 90 percent of the cost and the state the remaining 5 percent.  The Federal Government allocates $150,000 annually  in funding for the local airport, which has accumulated to a total of $524,000, plenty of money to cover the plan update. Ward says some of the extra money will likely we taken up dealing with tree issues as she anticipates an obstruction survey that will be part of the project will reveal some issues.  Ward says $22,000 of the funds will expire unless spent by September, which is some incentive to get the work underway this summer.  The timeline has the final scope of work submitted to the Michigan Department of Transportation by April 19th so it’s ready for the May 23rd Michigan Aeronautics Commission meeting.  With state approval and execution of the contracts, work is anticipated to start July 1st.