Menominee County takes a look at the upcoming year’s finances. The county’s finance committee met Tuesday to discuss the 2018-2019 County Budget. One major pending expense is the need to upgrade the county’s 911 system, however, until the condition and functionality of the existing radio towers, particularly the one in Bagely, is reviewed, County Administrator Jason Carviou says it is difficult to estimate an overall price tag. He expects an update on that issue sometime next week. Beyond the 911 project, however, Carviou says the county isn’t looking at many other capital improvement projects, but they will see an added expense for salary increases.
The Finance Committee will meet again before the end of the month to review the proposed 2018-2019 budget. The budget will then be sent along to the full County Board for review at their August meeting. Carviou anticipates the final budget will be approved in September.